Friday, April 19, 2013

Adapting a Scarf Pattern into a Cowl Pattern

When I am working on a new design, I always keep my mind open to ways I could adapt the pattern to give it maximum versatility. I think the Ruffles Scarf pattern I designed for Interweave Crochet's Fall issue, is one of my most versatile patterns to date. When I sent the finished sample to Interweave, I included photos of a dozen ways the scarf could be worn. It really looks very different depending on the way it is wrapped! 

Later, I got the idea to shorten the scarf to make it into a cowl, and I just had to make one! I love how the cowl turned out, and that it looks different enough from the scarf, but still has the same flavor. Chances are if you like the scarf pattern, you will like this too!

I have given instructions on my blog as to the alterations that need to be made to the original scarf pattern to make a cowl, and another version that includes some surface crochet embellishment.

I am now curious about how other scarf patterns might transform into cowls!


  1. Hi Shelby, the cowl is so beautiful and I like that you turned scarf pattern into a cowl. Julie

  2. This is a great and original idea, it is beautiful and stylish as well, I love it and I will definitely wear one of those. I like the pattern and combination of colors as well as the details; I can see you put a lot of passion and effort into it.

    PhD by Publication

  3. Hi, I love your blog always has nice things here, beijokas ...

  4. I really like the way these look. My friend recently showed me a site with some really cute scarves that I think people should check out if they like these.

  5. hey shellby.. thats awesome dear.. and original idea..

    check these also you will love them

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