Thursday, January 13, 2011

Simple Tunisian Crochet Cowls in Alpaca Yarns

I found a blog today that is written in Norwegian. I wish I could read Norwegian, but Google Translate gives me a good enough sense of what the blogger, Stella Marie Tveter, has to say about her Tunisian crochet designs.

Try this link if you'd like to see what I mean. In the original language, here are all of her posts tagged with "hakkekrok," which seems to mean "Tunisian crochet."

Don't you love the beauty of the handpainted colors when worked in Tunisian Simple Stitch? And when worn as a head scarf, the alpaca yarn in this cozy gauge and stitch surely keeps ears warm.

Stella designs for Du Store Alpakka, and I found some Tunisian crochet on their blog. Here are their posts tagged with "Hakking."

Du Store Alpakka produced a wonderful book teaching a variety of crochet techniques, all shown in luscious alpaca yarns. You can see the Google-translated description here. Look at the end of the post for links to more information in Ravelry.

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