Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Lacy Crochet Cowl for Spring

Trellis: Tonal DK-weight yarn version
I've got crochet lace cowl scarves & wraps on the brain. I can't think of anything more beautiful to drape around one's head, shoulders (or dare I say d├ęcolletage) at this time of year! And they're so easy to crochet.

I just added a new downloadable Doris Chan crochet pattern to the crochet site. Trellis has turned out to be one of those make-it-now-and-get-addicted-to-making-more lace patterns. That's what happened to Doris, according to the story she blogged about it. So, the pattern PDF includes THREE shapes of Trellis to crochet, and in a whole range of yarn types. 

I like what Doris said about using color-changing yarn for this design: "Inexplicably, Trellis is also happy in tonal shaded yarns and in long-repeat colorways, which hardly ever happens with crocheted lace." 

It's true, all bets are off if the stitches are lacy, so it's one of those pleasant discoveries about a design

Trellis: Color-Changing Worsted Wt. Version

I love self published crochet patterns! Not only does the designer choose the yarn, s/he is also free to play with other yarns for the same design, and then share the results! 

One of the highs of independent crochet designing for me is discovering how a design turns out to have special versatility and hidden strengths. 

Indie crochet designers are free to "run with it," and explore intriguing parts of a design. How are related variations (in yarns and shapes) not going to happen? Why shouldn't a designer include them in the pattern PDF and share the excitement? So I love to see it happen for Doris too.


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