Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Crochet Cowl to Offer Comfort

Drew Emborsky designed a new crochet cowl wrap! The pattern is now available as part of The Crochet Dude's brand-new book, Hug It Out: Nine Crochet Designs to Offer Comfort. (see book cover below.)

I know from previous cowl blog posts that a soft, generous-size mobius is a very popular cowl style. It can be worn several ways with effortless grace to warm the neck, shoulders, and more. Its comfort adds easy style.

 See Hug it Out at
I asked Drew to tell me more about his new cowl design. 
He wrote, 
"I created this cowl because of all the great ways it can be worn. Especially for someone with mobility issues, it's nice to be able to wrap the shoulders without the bulkiness of a shawl, have a fluffy scarf just by pulling it up around the neck, then going right to a hoodie if the need arises - all without having to swing a crocheted garment around themselves. And even with all that function, I hope it makes her feel pretty too!!"

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