Saturday, December 3, 2011

Two New Slip Stitch Cowl Crochet Patterns

Thaxton Hooded Cowl in thermal Slip Stitch Crochet
The roasty-toastiest cowl I've ever crocheted is also my first cape-like hooded crochet cowl (“snood” is the current trendy definition). 

The Thaxton Hooded Cowl design came to mind after a bitter cold front last winter made my favorite Orbit Cowl feel like mere springtime lace

The Thaxton downloadable crochet pattern includes two ways to seam it, and two sizes for using less yarn if desired. 
Thaxton seamed 2nd way: tall cowl quadruple-rolled

Thaxton is so warm because it's: 
  • densely ribbed, and 
  • stretchy-snug, and 
  • half alpaca fiber. The alpaca content of the yarn I used piles on even more warmth, much like angora would. (Alpaca and angora are both warmer than wool.) 
Isn't the raspberry color delicious?

Undaria as 2-skein long twirl scarf
My other new cowl pattern, Undaria FlutterScarf, is a one-skein neck warmer, or a two-skein scarf if you prefer a standard-length long twirler. Scroll down for more views of this versatile flutter-drape!

Draping Undaria 1-skein
Wondering where the name Undaria comes from? Well, it's botanical. 

One of many ways to drape
a 1-skein Undaria
With the gentle sea-green color shifts of this Mini-Mochi yarn I kept thinking of the soft ripples of Wakame seaweed in miso soup. Undaria is the botanical name for a type of seaweed. I also like that “Undaria” sounds similar to “undulating”.

See all of my Slip Stitch Crochet designs. Slip stitches are so fun to design with!


  1. I love both the names for your creations and the designs themselves. I'm getting the patterns. I keep giving everything I make away. I want to keep these! lol. Lovely snood/cowl.

  2. I love your cowls, Vashti! You're so creative :)


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