Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Dash of Color

Worn as a necklace but warmer, a cowl can do more than keep me warm!  The two above photos are the same Mobius Neckwarmer I designed for Inside Crochet Issue 7  I use cowls to chase away the winter wind and the winter blahs.  By adding a dash of color next to the face, it brightens the whole look.  Many times when I pick up the most luxurious of yarns, I can't resist but pull it up to my face to feel it's softness on my cheek.  The best way to celebrate that "aah" moment is with a cowl. That's how this cowl started with the pink one shown below in Plymouth Baby Alpaca DK.  Above, the cowl is remade in the lovely Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend.  As Fall and Winter approaches here in middle America, a new cowl pattern is a great way to embrace the transitional weather with a dash of color.


  1. And a great way to work with/enjoy the more "presious" yarns on a budget! What a great blog - thanks for directing me here this morning :o)Haley

  2. Thanks for visiting Haley, glad you enjoy the blog! I agree--being able to make something with a ball of luscious yarn that I can wear near my face is a great reason to crochet a cowl. Just like Ellen, I like to see how a nice yarn really feels by putting it against my cheek.


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