Monday, November 1, 2010

Links to Two New Crochet Cowl Designs

I'm setting down my crochet hook for a moment to mention a few links you might be interested in.
  • There's a new MUST SEE crochet cowl but I have not posted a photo here yet because I'm waiting for permission. It's the "Crocodile Stitch Neckwarmer" by Lianka of Bonita Patterns. A photo of it and the pattern are available at that link. I think of this neckwarmer as being a very close relative of the cowl.
  • There's a MUST SEE Norwegian crochet pattern book that you can page through online here:   You'll see a sprinkling of crochet cowls, all crocheted in luscious alpaca yarns (from what I can tell from a bit of Norwegian I've picked up); be sure to see the fine-textured Tunisian Simple Stitch cowl on page 40. Or, see it in Ravelry here.
  • Lastly, if you missed it, my latest Crochet Inspirations newsletter was all about crocheting cowls. It’s online and you can view it here. It’s free so if you like it, you can subscribe by clicking on the link at the very top of the page, or see other past issues. It comes out every other Thursday.
When you see me here again in a day or two, it will be because Chainmaille, my newest crochet cowl pattern, is ready!

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