Sunday, October 24, 2010

Excited to be here

Hi Vashti,
Thanks for inviting me. I love your idea and will be thrilled if you (we) get it to go viral! I am going to start by getting permission from Cheryl Means to teach her sensational cowl from Interweave's Crochet Accessories issue at my local yarn shop. I will tell the owner that there is about to be an explosion of cowls and she can be in the forefront of offering it: sales of the magazine and sales of yarn!
I have an idea for an original design and will do my best to get it done soon.
Thanks again for this exciting opportunity!
Hooks 'n Happiness,


  1. Thanks for the invitation Vashti, I'll try to keep up as soon as I get out from under this pile.

  2. I can't wait to get my cowl started. I have lots of ideas and the problem is which one to design first! Love this trend also, Vashti, and hope to see others jump on the band wagon :)
    Mary Jane

  3. Thanks for the opening blog post, Gwen!

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  5. Thanks for the invite Vashti, I have always loved scarves, neckwarmers and of course Cowls. Like Mary Jane, I don't know what to design first!


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