Monday, October 25, 2010

Let the Cowl Season Begin!

As soon as the cool air blew into Pennsylvania few weeks ago, I ran up to the attic to bring out the scarves. Now that life has changed over here, I find that scarves are not so easy to wear while I am carrying my 1yr old. Her little hands love to grab the ends and yank.

This is where the COWL steps in perfectly for me. I can still have something warm around my neck without the long ends for her to grab. Thus, my Tusculum Cowl was born.

I can't wait to see what other designers here are inspired and come up with for keeping our necks cozy!


  1. I love the lacy layered look of your cowl, Robyn! I hadn't thought about little ones grabbing scarves since I lived in a warm climate when mine were that age--what a smart idea!

  2. Wish I'd realized this about cowls back when my 11-yr-old was one! It would have been one less thing to keep track of too--while juggling baby, stroller, diaper bag, and toys, a scarf could have easily fallen off and I wouldn't have noticed.
    Come to think of it, I've seen lonely lost scarves in public places, but never a cowl left behind.

  3. Your cowl is beautiful too Robyn! Of course I love anything lacy!

  4. what a wonderful cowl ! I must confess I have knitted a lot of lacy scarfs and cowls, but these pictures are sooo tempting to start crocheting one... And isn't it just time to start on my christmas gifts..... ?
    Thanks for sharing, and good luck with the blog, from a knitter/crocheter from Belgium - rozemie


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